Welcome to Aro Ltd!
est. Jan 19 2008 -- 10 Year Anivversery!

Game Page

Welcome to aroltd.com, where we produce games that are pretty good, and that you'll enjoy. This is the homepage, where I will display any updates I may have. This will always stay at the top so that newcomers to the website can tell what the website is about.

To see our inventory of games, click the GAMES link on the scrolling menu on the side of the screen (If that isn't simple enough, I don't know what is!).

If you have played my games (You most likly attend the school I go to or you're a member of the GMC) before, here's a list of current games available on the site:
Tennis Practice v7.1 (With chat glitch fixed)
Tennis Practice 9 (New level, clock on titlescreen, and the multiplayer glitch was fixed)
Car Crazy Volume 3 (This was available on the GMC for a short while, but I canceled it. I'm proud of it, I just didn't feel like continuing it)
Superpg (A new RPG game I worked on for a while)
Super Mario Bros REVAMPED (A new game not released to the GMC yet)
And a lot more to come! New updates are listed below.

New Update!
Tennis Practice 9 was added to the site! And also, if you download the games from school, the download time is A LOTTTT slower, and I'll get the games on the school. Just consult me telling me what games you'd like on the computers.

Tennis Practice 9 has been added onto the computers since Monday, February 3, 2008.
New Update!
The Afflaites page has been added to the website. It is a little lack o' content at the moment, but I will make it better. Just keep checking back for more updates! Also, The website is having a few changes to the floating menu script, as it blocks up text. This type of menu will be the one used from now on.

What is an afflaite?
An afflaite is a website that links to us if we link to them. My friend, David, currently has a website open (Buisness related, he makeded mize yogi baer!) So, like previously mentioned above, we link to each other to form a connection. Please note: THIS PAGE IS NOT DONE YET!!! It will be finished when thy fezness will get it done.