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Welcome to the Games page! There is a list of games below:

This is a dropdown list of games of mine. Select a game, click on it, and the link will take you to a download* page. *All my games are 100% checked by AVG antivirus checker, which, trust me, doesn't miss a thing.

Game descriptions:

Tennis Practice v1: One of my first games. It was a minigame where you bounce a ball off a paddle to get points.
Tennis Practice v2: An improvment of v1, but with bricks added. Kind of like breakout.
Tennis Practice v8: The latest version. Includes an online multiplayer PONG-like mode, a chat function, classic game, cheatcodes, advanced coding, and more. (Clock on titlescreen removed)

Superpg: A little looping RPG I made in my spare time. Quite fun, actually!

SMB Revamped: A new SMB game. It takes place at the first level. There is no implimented control function (There is nothing in it that shows you the keys). The controls are:
Left/Right = Moves Regular Mario left and right
Up = Jumps Regular Mario, also climbs up if he's on a ladder (see down command)
Down = If you're on the flagpole or a brick wall leading into the sky, this makes you travel down on it.
A Key = Moves nega-mario left
D Key = Moves nega-mario right
W Key = Jumps/Climbs up
S Key = Cimb down.

Platrpg: A game I scrapped 'cuz it was a really bad idea to begin with, and I didn't feel like continuing it.

Car Crazy Series: A series of my first game. Car Crazy Volume 1 was my first game, but got lost in space... Car Crazy Volume 2 was made shortly after that, but died and dissapeared. Car Crazy Volume 3 was made a long time afterwards, and now I have more experience with gamemaking.

More games and updates to come! Keep checking back!